Dende o conflito

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dende o conflitoXerais Award 2014
Edicións Xerais de Galicia.
2014 | Narrativa

Saínza Combarro, a Galician war journalist working for the BBC embodies the dilemma of choosing between cynicism and resignation or looking for an intimate thruth when witnessing the most horrifying events. Through her, this novel speaks of the importance of journalism in situations of conflict, but mainly of the importance to find an ethical relationship to the forgotten and silent human beings who are on the other side of the news. Even, paradoxically enough, journalists themselves.

Dende o conflito is also a tribute to women journalists who were capable of bringing their voice to armed conflict. With Saínza Combarro we travel from Congo to Iraq, from Ethiopia to Afghanistan, from Sri Lanka to Haiti, but also to Berlin, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela or Vilalba. This is a novel about journalism, about war, about the abyss between the North and the South, about poverty, hunger but mainly about the value of friendship and love, about the essence of those things that really matter in life.