a alternativa está aquíA alternativa está aquí

[The Alternative Is Here]

Edicións Xerais de Galicia

2014 | Ensaio-Divulgación

At times when desperation goes hand in hand with activism, we need to go back to basics and review our alliances and perspectives. At times when people are looking for a way out, a solution and an end to bad news, it is time to move away from the well-trodden path and look for alternatives in places that had been overlooked. The Alternative Is Here stems from the will to look for solutions where there are (already) some, mainly in our communities and in those of women in the South who, for a long time, have been working the plot of the commons. At odds with grand narratives, this book takes us to daily places and strategies, to the need to change our gaze. It pushes us, with the force of its arguments and experiences, towards collective work.

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Edicións Xerais de Galicia
2013 | Ensaio-Divulgación

Feminisms, by Olga Castro and María Reimóndez, is the best travel guide along the cartographies of feminisms and proof of their rich biodiversity in the world. The book has been written to become a tool in presenting a social movement that has changed social structures and humanity like no other. The book addresses a wide audience, it is not written for specialists and it presents the contributions and achievements of the feminist movement to improve societies all over the world. In the words of Professor Martín Lucas, author of the preface Reimóndez and Castro show “the collective work of women as thinkers and artists, from Galicia to Japan, or the former USSR, China, India or Sub-Saharan Africa. This map of feminisms in geography and history shows the great diversity of strategies against gender discrimination developed in different cultural, political and social contexts”. According to Martín Lucas, both authors “invite us to re-examine ethnocentrism in order to acknowledge the contributions of activists and thinkers from other cultures […] including feminist theories and practices largely excluded from feminist manuals, very much focusing on the West (Europe and North America)”.

The book is written in a way that allows for adaptation to different cultural settings. The idea is to have the first and more extensive chapter focusing on the cultural setting where the book is going to be published.

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cronicas dende a indiaCrónicas desde a India

[Travel Notes from India]

2004 | Ensaio-Divulgación

María Reimóndez has been working with Implicadas no Desenvolvemento for more than 15 years in the field of development. She works together with local organisations and Crónicas desde a India gathers the pieces she published on the on-line platform Vieiros during her stay in Tamil Nady in July, August and September 2004.

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