volvo o regreso de ushaVolvo! O regreso de Usha

[Usha is back!]

Edicións Xerais de Galicia.
2014 | Infantil-Xuvenil

In the small village of Devastana, Usha and her friends come back after their school break and are really nervous about their government exams. But soon this is forgetten because there are things in life that are far more important than exams. To begin with, Deepak is nowhere to be found. Next, Laskhmi suddenly stops attending school. Will Usha be able to bring things back to normal? Old and new friends, near and far, will have to help Usha face the challenges.


Edicións Xerais de Galicia. 8ª Edición.
2006 | Infantil-Xuvenil
Short-listed for the Premio Merlín 2005

Uxía, Usha for her friends, write the story of her living in Devastana, a small village in the state of Karnataka, India. A Galician girl, who used to travel with her mother, a development worker and doctor, finally settles in this Southern Indian state. There she finds friends such as Lakshmi and Deepak, learns Kannada, hears new stories and faces difficultes, especially new ways of understanding life.




o monstro das palabrasO monstro das palabras

[The Word-Eating Monster]

Edicións Xerais de Galicia.
2009 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Alba and Lela are slightly late for school and they find all children already sitting, though nobody speaks. They all look stunned, they can just blabber. When the teacher comes in, she immediately understands what has actually happened and tells them that a monster has attacked the class. A monster she is very familiar with. The girls are deeply surprised to learn that their teacher is in fact not a “normal” person but a keeper of words. “The Word-Eating Monster” brings young readers a reflection about the value of our own non-hegemonic languages and the need to keep them alive. “Language is a living being, it is alive in our mouths when we speak and in our brains when we think”, claims one of the characters in this novel.

lia e as zapatillas de deporteLía e as zapatillas de deporte

[Lia and the Running Shoes]

Edicións Xerais de Galicia. 3ª Edición
2008 | Intantil-Xuvenil
Premio Frei Martín Sarmiento 2010 (categoría 3º a 5º Primaria)

Lía’s running shoes carry a sad story with them. On the other side of the world, children her same age but barefooted put running shoes in boxes, the same running shoes she got for Christmas. Lía and the Running Shoes isa novel that helps children reflect about their responsibility in the exploitation of other children and on how to make the world a fairer place.


unha viaxe no tempoUnha viaxe no tempo

[Time travel]

Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Uxía, Brais and their dog Ulises time travel in the Galician county of Quiroga.


o can trampulleiroO can trampulleiro

[The Cheating Dog]

Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Uxía and Brais enrol Ulises in a dog contest around the county of O Salnés.


misterio no dezaMisterio no Deza

[Mystery in O Deza]

Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Uxía, Brais and Ulises need to find the missing statue of Camanzo’s church around the county of Deza.


colegas do futuroColegas do futuro

[Friends from the Future]

Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Brais, Uxía and Ulises find a few friends from the future around the county of Ortegal.


o trasno burlonO trasno burlón

[The Mocking Gnome]

Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Brais is thrilled to meet his pen pal Miquiños around the county of A Coruña.


a videoconsolaA videoconsola


Edicións Everest Galicia.
2006 | Intantil-Xuvenil

Uxía, Brais and Ulises had a surprise gift – a videogame that takes them around the county of Vigo.